CBD Oil in Hempseed

CBD Oil in Hempseed

CBD Oil in Hempseed

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CBD OIL 250mg

Full spectrum
PURIFIED CO2 EXTRACT(not the cheaper paste)
5% CBD organically gown
in MCT Coconut oil
Tamper evident glass dropper.
One drop equals 2.5mg full spectrum CBD.

Product Details
Product Details

CBD OIL 250mg

Full spectrum
PURIFIED CO2 EXTRACT(not the cheaper paste)
5% CBD organically gown
in MCT Coconut oil
Tamper evident glass dropper.
One drop equals 2.5mg full spectrum CBD.

Additional Information
Additional Information


in organically grown Hempseed oil

250mg in 5ml bottle
500mg in 10ml bottle
1500mg in 30ml bottle

Kobashi purchases the best 100% Natural full spectrum Cannabinoid oil.

"Everyone naturally has cannabinoids throughout their system."

5% is available in sunflower oil, hempseed oil and Cococnut MCT oil. We prefer the taste of the sunflower and MCT and some prefer Hempseed oil.

Our experience is that CBD oil is instant fine tuning, giving us extra mental strength and centredness to deal with adversity or to rest (dose dependent), without losing empathy. Personally I really don't know your state and you will have to see and know yourself.

From Organically grown and Co2 cool processed Hemp in Slovenia: Cannabis sativa.
Leaves are dried below 35degrees then low temperature Co2 pressed.

5% CBD food supplement (This is not the cheaper paste.)
Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

CBD is legal in most countries, but check your country before purchasing. The THC in these diluted products is well below 0.15%, as in pure form it is less than 0.137%.

Dose (eat) use sublingually (under tongue) and if over sleeping or over stimulating reduce drops or skip day or days. As with all supplements remember you didn't use these before and why would you need them. Just as food there is an optimum amount (dose). You must get in touch with yourself (know thy self) in order to optimize, mind, body and spirit. Only you can know how you really feel. You must adjust appropriately.

Occasionally, I like to skip a day or two to assess my being state and then dose as needed.

If I drink too much coffee before bed take ~87mg of Cbd, but that is me. Lynda sleeps well drinking coffee before bed.

Tamper evident glass dropper.
One drop equals 2.5mg of full spectrum CBD oil.

Suggested dose for 5% blend: 4 drops in morning and/or afternoon, 8 drops or more at night.
Every other day to start, then increase or decrease according to your metabolism and circadian rhythms.

Your day and night balance is under your control.

Works well with exercise and plant based vegan diet.

IMO The goal of any human being should be to optimism cognition, physical strength, feel good, and be a caring helpful person.

The actual profile we have in stock is as below.

Pure CBD Oil is not mobile in it's pure form and we have diluted it in organically grown sunflower oil.

CBD tastes better at 25% or less in a carrier of Sunflower or Cocont MCT, or Hempseed carrier oil.

Colour: dark brown amber
Consistency: similar to treacle or molasses
Needs gentle warming to liquify in pure form
Taste: bitter strong herbal (more so in pure undiluted form)

Other good elements of full spectrum CBD are terpenes : main monoterpenes: a-Pinene, beta-Pinene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, main sesquiterpenes: caryophyllene, humulene and diterpenes: phytols and Flavonoids.

Interjection while writing Lily's friend asked, "Is it supercritical or subcritical Co2 extraction of the CBD?"

Kobashi CBD is supercritical Co2 extraction but done at the critical point to get the best of the spectrum.

Subcritical co2 gives more terpenes in the final product. Terpenes are cheap chemicals that are dumped on the market from folding (concentrating) of citrus oils. This is not to say terpenes are bad, just not the most important and expensive part of the complete oil. Many different oils have terpenes, so that's not as important to us in this oil.

Drink some orange juice if you want terpenes. This is a mute point as the critical point is a point of balance in a goal action and terpenes aren't the only chemicals in the mix.

Crital point in relation to supercritical or subcritical extraction is a state between the chosen temperture and pressure to get the most chemicals of a specific choice.

Do you know the action you want? Do you know the action of chemicals in concert?

We are going for a balance CBD oil and we have it in our full spectrum CBD.

Supercritical or subcritical Co2 extraction isn't bad or good, as it depends on what chemicals you want to isolate, so what action are you wanting.


We always test all products on ourselves before making available.

35% in Coconut MCT oil or 25% in Sunflower: After a week, my personal experience with 2 drops under the tongue, is a more relaxed, contented, alert centeredness. Using an engine analogy, feels like I am firing fearlessly on all cylinders. I have also tried a 50% blend in Sunflower oil, which is a little to strong to taste. Saying this I don't mind the bitter taste. When I put 7drops under my tongue in an hour I felt a little too relaxed for the day, but very good for before bed.

IMO The best CBD oil for our family. Lynda, Scott and Lily have been taking daily since September 2018 with skip day and variable doses. Alfie our 14 years old Labradoodle has had some every day for two years, is perky and most don't live pass this age.

I've tried 480mg three nights in a row, which for my system was too much and made me feel a little sluggish, although woke up fine and had a productive day.

Less is more and increase or decrease to find your optimum day or night dose.

Stick to the dose on the bottle as this is just my personal experience.

Best kind regards, Scott Ballard

Don't believe me on how great I think this is placebo or not. IMO better than placebo. Look at what the scientist say after testing it.

The endocannabinoid system is a natural part of life's homeostasis.

Anandamide the human joy chemical: "The discovery of anandamide came from research into CB1 and CB2, as it was inevitable that a naturally occurring (endogenous) chemical would be found to affect these receptors."

Founder and isolator, Prof. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, of the Cannabidiod system:


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