Grapefruit Oil CP

Grapefruit Oil CP

Grapefruit Oil CP

  • Suitable for Vegans
  • GC/MS Tested
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Product Details

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Additional Information


LATIN NAME: Citrus paradisi
(Someone in Brussels made all grapefruit have Inci name: Citrus grandis, but botanically we sell Citrus paradisi)
SOURCE: By cold expressed fruit rind of Yellow, pink or Red Grapefruit.
COLOUR: Clear yellow to orange red.
ORIGIN: California
AROMA: Refreshing, fruity, characteristic of fresh grapefruit.

QUALITIES: Uplifting, good skin toner and hair tonic especially for oily skin. Helpful as a treatment in times of confusion or depression. An ingredient in our Anti-cellulite massage oil. We tested many grapefruit samples before finding this complete oil. A small but important chemical called Nootkatone, a sesquiterpene ketone, usually present at 0.10 to 1.5%, is often removed for use in the fragrance/flavor industry, the remaining product is then dumped back into the market place where it is usually bought up by the Aromatherapy market. Again highlighting the need for in depth testing.

Member of the Rutaeae family, native to tropical Asia but now widely cultivated in Florida, California, Brazil and Israel. A citrus tree growing up to ten metres, with glossy leaves and large yellow, pink or red fruit.

Depending on how ripe the fruit is will determine the color and aroma. It doesn't take much pigment to change colour. There are different Grapefruit: Yellow, Pink or Red Grapefruit. Although I have seen Pink Grapefruit get lighter with age. I have also seen different colours taken from the same 200kg drum. From the top lighter and the bottom darker. We try to shake the drum as much as possible to mix, but this doesn't always work. Cold pressed Citrus oils when under 4C cold can solidify the waxes and they can fall to the bottom of the drum. A folded oil will be winterized @ 0C for a few weeks to remove the waxes. The waxes can help have a longer shelve life and determine their naturalness. Being natural products, Cold Pressed oils can also have more or less sediment. A greener fruit may have less sediment than a riper fruit, but the riper fruit can be sweeter, but exact timing could be a few days off getting exactly what you want. It also depends if all the water is removed and how the pulp is filtered out.There is no way we can guarantee exactly the same Aroma and colour for each batch. If I wanted this I would be in the synthetic business.

furanocoumarins may be present at low levels:


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